FTVOGUE Solar Power Bank 100000mAh 32LED Outdoor Camping Emergency Light with 4 USB Ports US Plug 100240V for Outdoor Blue



Introducing the FTVOGUE Solar Power Bank 100000mAh, your ultimate companion for outdoor adventures and emergency situations. This powerful and versatile portable charger is designed to keep you connected and illuminated wherever you go. With 32 built-in LED lights and 4 USB ports, it’s the perfect blend of functionality and convenience.

Boasting an impressive 100000mAh battery capacity, this solar power bank guarantees you never run out of power during your outdoor escapades. Utilize the unlimited power of the sun by simply exposing the power bank to natural light, and recharge your devices on the go. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or engaging in any outdoor activity, staying connected to the world has never been easier.

To make your outdoor experience even more enjoyable, the FTVOGUE Solar Power Bank features 32 bright LED lights. Illuminate your campsite or use it as an emergency light during blackout situations. With three lighting modes to choose from, namely low, medium, and high, you can create the perfect ambiance or light up the darkest of nights with ease.

Equipped with 4 USB ports, this power bank allows you to charge up to four devices simultaneously. No more waiting in line to recharge your gadgets; share the convenience with your friends or family. Compatible with all USB-powered devices, including smartphones, tablets, cameras, and more, this power bank ensures that you are always powered up and ready to capture every exciting moment.

Designed with durability in mind, the FTVOGUE Solar Power Bank is built to withstand rugged outdoor conditions. Its sturdy construction makes it resistant to water splashes, shocks, and dust, making it ideal for all your outdoor activities. The compact size and lightweight design ensure easy portability, slipping effortlessly into your backpack, pocket, or glove compartment.

The FTVOGUE Solar Power Bank also features a US plug that supports 100-240V, allowing for easy recharging using conventional electrical outlets. Never let a depleted power bank slow you down again; simply plug it in, and it will be ready to power up your devices in no time.

Incorporating advanced safety features such as overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, short-circuit protection, and more, this power bank guarantees the utmost safety for both you and your devices. Spend less time worrying about electricity-related mishaps and more time enjoying your outdoor excursions.

Take charge of your adventures with the FTVOGUE Solar Power Bank 100000mAh 32LED Outdoor Camping Emergency Light with 4 USB Ports. Embrace the convenience, reliability, and versatility that this exceptional product offers. Stay connected, illuminated, and prepared for every situation. Experience the power of FTVOGUE today.,


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